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Preparing   For   The  Unthinkable


Phase 1 of 2 levels of federal martial in America has now quietly commenced. The first type of martial law is often referred to as a “soft” type of martial law. Phase or level two is hard core, very heavy handed form of martial law overseen by the US Military Police (MPs), which is typically brutal and deadly. Martial law most often occurs in stages or in response to a significant crisis, real or false flag. In these instances, false flag attacks are often used to eliminate civil liberties prior to the elimination of the perceived opposition.

Doomsday Preppers 101, is an extremely informative information center, that's off the beaten path with three primary objectives.
(1) Get you up to speed quickly if you are new to prepping, and exactly why prepping should be paramount to you and your family.
(2) Most importantly, what you must do to get ready, regardless of your financial status, level of expertise or a late start at prepping.
(3) Reveal what the best survival shelters are, and exactly why most professional survival shelters are deathtraps, especially under marshal law.

Today, tens of millions of people in the U.S are rightfully worried about the complete breakdown of society due to a financial meltdown, the complete breakdown of the federal government, a world-wide blackout, or even WWIII.

Worse yet, the
complete suspension of the Constitution of the United States of America and Federal Martial Law . Because this ever looming threat, all 50 states have petitioned the Whitehouse for SECESSION which paves the way for each state to break away from the union to form their own individual federal government.

Before you laugh this off as absolute nonsense,
did you know that with little to no fanfare, and very little news in the mainstream media, most people are totally unaware that by 2012 over 40 of the states in America have now declared independent sovereignty under the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, thus giving the state supreme power or authority. If this was not already alarming, states have since written legislation preparing themselves for the complete breakdown of the United States government. NEWS ALERT: State legislative committees have now approved a resolution calling for the dissolution of the federal government in the event that it abolishes the U.S. Constitution, declares martial law and or starts to confiscates firearms from all US citizens.

Prepping in the states alone has now turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.
DOOMSDAY PREPPERS is aired weekly on the National Geographic channel
, a highly in-depth program about, "doomsday preppers" in America offering reviews of the various methods to prepping. Many of their reviews that rate survival shelters are flawed and we point those flaws out found in our eBook in PDF format.
It goes without saying that since states have written legislation to specifically prepare (prep) for what states see as the complete and inevitable breakdown of the federal government, the complete breakdown of society and civil unrest on an unprecedented scale, is a red flag of trouble ahead. These states (and others) have since prepared to lock down their borders, and created legislation to stop all state workers from following any federally issued orders, specifically under (federally mandated marshal law) which calls for the complete suspension of the Constitution of The United States of America. State legislation with bills that prepares that given state to defend their state borders from outsiders while providing emergency services for food, water, shelter and a state run army to defend their borders. (States have the Constitutional Authority to Protect their Borders)
Whether you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico it's paramount that you and your family get ready to defend and survive on your own at any given time. Be it from the complete breakdown of society, to the complete collapse of the federal government of which states of the union are now bracing for, to the prospect of pending world-wide power outage via a super solar storm EMP event, to cyber attacks on the powergrid; whatever the case, prepping needs to be paramount in your life.
This information presented here is not a scare tactic, rather it's legislative fact.